East Hampton Library 2021 Budget Summary

The East Hampton Library did not ask residents to vote on a tax increase for 2021.
Estimated Expenditures

Personnel $2,274,310 ($142,313 Increase)(Staff Salaries, Taxes, Social Security, Benefits, Insurance)
Library Materials $210,915 ($19,665 Increase)(Books, Audio Books, Periodicals, DVDs, Music, E-Books)
Administration $181,318 ($3,818 Increase)(Auditing, Library Supplies, Materials Repair, Telephone, Copiers, Postage, Printing, Educational Conferences for Staff)
Facilities $194,000 ($8,000 Increase)(Custodial Supplies & Services, Building Repair, Furnishings, Equipment, Computer Software & Hardware, Cartage, Landscape Maintenance, Utilities)
Contracted Services $56,894 ($1,144 Increase)(County Library System Membership, Research Database Fees, Internet Service, Software Licenses)
Programs $71,000 ($50,000 Decrease)(Children’s Programs, Young Adult Programs, Adult Programs)
Fundraising $40,200 ($5,000 Increase)
Authors Night $4,000 ($81,000 Decrease)
Expenses Total $3,033,037 ($38,940 Increase)

Estimated Revenue

Library District Tax – $1,997,000 (No Increase)
Private Fundraising & Donations – $278,500 ($37,200 Decrease)(Library Society memberships, Special events, Interest income from endowments, grants)
Authors Night – $125,000 ($200,000 Decrease)
Other Income – $28,503 ($497 Decrease)(Fines, fees, sales, state aid)
Used Book Sales $45,000 (No change)
Transfers from Investments – $559,050 ($276,050 Increase)
Revenue Total – $3,033,053 ($38,353 Increase)


Since 1995, generous residents of the community and Members of the Library Board have donated more than $22 million to the
library. These funds have significantly reduced the necessary contributions by taxpayers to operate the library.

For more questions about the budget please contact
Dennis Fabiszak – 631 -324-0222 ext. 7
or email dennis@easthamptonlibrary.org