Long Range Plan

East Hampton Library Long Range Plan

Adopted by the Board of Managers 3/17/2017

Please Note that due to Covid closings and restrictions some of the items of this plan have been delayed.

Goal 1: Define the scope of the library’s programs, services and offerings around community priorities, recognizing that this process may lead to choices and trade-offs.

Objective 1: Expand existing programs and services to include new offerings that are already known.


    • More emphasis on job/career services (2017)
    • New mothers’ classes (nutrition, Lamaze etc.) (2017)
    • Resume writing workshops (2017)
    • “Newcomers’ Day” (tour, brief presentation of programs, library card form, etc.) (2017)
    • “Welcome Back” for summer folks -Explore different services needed for each group (2017)
    • Library card signup programs (2017)
    • Yearly prepare small brochure (printed and online) detailing library layout, programs and services and “who-is-who” – i.e. librarians with name/photo/responsibility (and ability to speak Spanish?). Could also be basis of a poster at front and back of the building. (2017)

Objective 2: Obtain a better understanding of the wants and needs of current Library users and non-users both today and as they see the Library serving them in the future.


    • Meet with various community groups. (2017)
    • Hold community focus groups. (2017)
    • Survey the community based on general ideas/needs/wants learned from focus groups. (2018)

Objective 3: Improve services and programs for our Hispanic and African American community members.


    • Re-evaluate needs of Hispanic community: more Spanish in building and on website. Programs devoted to Hispanic audience: history, music, folklore, feasts (2018)
    • Re-evaluate needs of African American community: EH history, music, folklore, etc. (2018)
    • Add full-time Hispanic consultant/guide to aid, mothers/care-givers in Children’s Room, but also available to everyone in other areas of the library. (2019)

Goal 2: Collaborate with government agencies at the local, state and federal levels around shared objectives.

Objective 1: Create or improve on partnerships with schools to drive learning and educational opportunities throughout the community.


    • Meet with school Administration. (2017)
    • Partner Librarians with specific teachers for collaborative programs and services. (2017)

Objective 2: Create or improve on partnerships with local government agencies.


    • Give tours with focused presentations to the following groups:
      1. Police Departments (2017)
      2. Fire Departments (2017)
      3. Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (2017)
      4. Mayor, Town Supervisor, Village Board members, Town Board members (2018)

Goal 3: Collaborate with local businesses and community groups around shared objectives.

Objective 1: Create or improve on partnerships with local business.


    • Give tours with focused presentations to the following groups:
      1. Real Estate offices (2017)
      2. Press (2017)
      3. Attorneys (2018)
      4. Restaurant owners (2018)
      5. Retail store owners (2018)
      6. Mechanics (2018)

Objective 2: Create or improve on partnerships with local community groups.


    • Give tours with focused presentations to the following groups:
      1. Chamber of Commerce (2017)
      2. East Hampton Historical Society (2017)
      3. Springs Historical Society (2017)
      4. Garden Club (2017)
      5. LVIS (2018)
      6. EH Healthcare (2018)
      7. Preservation Society (2018)
      8. ARF (2018)

Goal 4: Engage the community in planning and decision-making, and seek a seat at tables where important policy issues are discussed and decisions made.

Objective 1: Educate the community about the Library


    • Presentations by Library staff and others (Board and Committee members) to local government officials, businesses and organizations. (2017)
    • In-house library presentations to outside groups, including orientations to building(2017)
    • Community focus groups. (2017)

Objective 2: Library Board Members and Director should expand their involvement in other local Boards to help foster collaborative services and programs. (2017)

Goal 5: Deploy existing resources in new ways.

Objective 1: Better use of existing Interior Space


    • Increase Hours of operation and staffing (2017 – 2020)
    • Rethink layout and usage of front lobby. (2018)
    • Rethink layout and usage of rear lobbies. (2018)
    • Investigate purchasing a piano for musical programs. (2018)
    • Clean-up and make better use of front entrance vestibule – focus on welcome, including graphic map of the building. (2018)
    • Rethink reference room(2018)

Objective 2: Better use of existing Exterior Space


    • Investigate additional uses for outside courtyards (2018)
    • Consider lawn area as place for storytelling, growing a garden, etc. (2018)

Objective 3: Utilize Off-site Space


    • Investigate use of spaces outside of the library building for special programs. (2018)
    • Investigate leasing room space for programming at off-site buildings. (2018-2022)
    • Investigate additional property to purchase for expansion of programs and services. (2018 – 2027)

Goal 6: Take proactive and sustained steps to brand the library as a platform for community learning, development and entertainment.

Objective 1: Establish among the Board and Staff our current and future role as a Library.


    • Develop Mission Statement with new strategic direction content (2016)
    • Make sure new Mission Statement is used frequently (2016-2027)

Objective 2: Communicate the library’s story of impact directly to the public, partners, stakeholders and policy makers.


    • Use PR firm to assist with branding (2017)
    • Investigate and promote through many possible avenues: newspapers, LTV, online informative invitations, small posters, some in Spanish. (2017)
    • Place posters about library programs and services in local businesses (2017)
    • Work the beaches, the movie lines, etc. with in-person invitations to library events.
    • Set-up tables outside CVS, IGA, Post Office, Springs General Store, Maidstone Market Store, Mitad Del Mundo Express (Spanish) in late Spring and mid-Summer to advertise programs and give out library cards. (2018)
    • Develop a marketing plan to promote the library’s services/programs/etc. Figure out how to get individuals to our website, to our building, to our programs through the use of media (ie. the Library Director column in the Star, analysis and better use of mailing lists, survey of those currently with library cards, comparing those who have used their card most recently in comparison to those who have not, etc.) (2018)

Goal 7: Continue to provide excellent Technology resources for patrons and staff.

Objective 1: Assure hardware is always up-to-date.


    • Upgrade/replace computer hardware/software on a continual basis (continual)
    • Assure the fastest possible WiFi and wired Internet speed as budgets allow (continual)
    • Replace/repair network wiring and switches to optimize speed (2017)

Goal 8: Improve Library Fundraising.

Objective 1: Maintain strong fundraising revenue for the Library.


    • Enhance our donor database (2017)
    • Develop a 2nd large annual fundraising event (2018)

Goal 9: Library Board of Managers

Objective 1: Develop a Board that fully represents the residents of the Library service area.


    • Assure there are Board members that live in each of the 3 school districts (continual)
    • Assure there are Board members from various ethnic and minority groups (continual)
    • Assure there are Board members that are 2nd home owners.

Goal 10: Continue to improve the Long Island Collection.

Objective 1: Increase the collection size


    • Monitor various auctions for appropriate material that should be acquired (continual)
    • Launch a PR campaign to get local residents to donate or possible sell the library historic material (2017)
    • Create online database of Karl Grossman archive. (2017)
    • Create online database of Guild Hall Local Artist files. (2017)
    • Complete the digitization of the East Hampton Star (2017)

Objective 2: Increase the public knowledge and usage of the Long Island Collection.


    • PR Campaign that includes ads in the East Hampton Star (2017)
    • Weekly email blast about the Collection (2017)

Objective 3: Improve the physical space of the Long Island Collection


    • Reorganize materials to maximize space (2017)
    • Install air/water/fire proof safe or vault (2018-2020)

Goal 11: Building and Property

Objective 1: Improve the appearance and usage of the Library property


    • Repaint the parking lot lines and arrows (2017)
    • Prune trees and bushes (continual)
    • Install a pergola in the brick courtyard. (2017)

Objective 2: Properly maintain the Library building.


    • Repaint sections of the building that look dirty (2017)
    • Carpet extract the carpets every other year (2017, 2019, 2021, etc.)
    • Convert remaining fluorescent light fixtures to LED. (2017 – 2019)