Community Service @ the Library

Community service opportunities for high school students at the East Hampton Library!

To apply, please fill in the application below & then contact the YA Librarians to sign up for events

*Blank Community Service Log* (Click this link to download a blank community service log to record and keep track of your community service hours!) 

ONLINE Teen Tech Time – Every Saturday – 10:00am-12:00pm. Help tech-averse adults with their tablets, phones, social media, & other technology questions!

ONLINE Teen Advisory Board – Wednesday, September 30th – 3:30-5:00pm –  Advise the YA librarians! Brainstorm, plan, and publicize YA programs, services, and materials for high school students in the library.

ONLINE YA Book Reviews! Write a book review about a YA book you have read for our website. Please contact the YA librarians for details about the format at

ONLINE Cooking with YA – Videotape yourself cooking your favorite simple recipe for the YA Instagram. Please contact the YA librarians for the details at


POSTPONED UNTIL LIBRARY RE-OPENS – Every Monday – Study Buddies – 3:30-5:30pm Help kids in grades K-5 with their homework! 

POSTPONED UNTIL LIBRARY RE-OPENSEvery Wednesday – Knit Lit – 3:30-5:00pm Learn how to knit, talk about lit! Knitted items will be donated to local charities. 

POSTPONED UNTIL LIBRARY RE-OPENSEvery Sunday YA Room Community Service 4:00-5:00pm  Create & maintain your Young Adult space!

POSTPONED UNTIL LIBRARY RE-OPENS2nd Sunday- Help Design a YA Book Display

POSTPONED UNTIL LIBRARY RE-OPENS3rd Sunday – Design a DIY Project in the YA Room (supplies are provided)

POSTPONED UNTIL LIBRARY RE-OPENS4th Sunday –  YA Room Clean-up (straighten YA book shelves, clean surfaces & dust the “trees”!)