The Pennypacker Society

The Pennypacker Society is an honorary organization established by the library to recognize the generosity of individuals during their lifetime who include the library in their estate plans.
This can be accomplished in one or more of the following ways including a bequest for the benefit of the library in your will or trust:

  • Including a Specific, Residuary or Contingent Bequest in your will.
  • Creating an Endowment Fund in your name or in honor of another person.
  • Creating a Charitable Trust for the benefit of the library naming the library as the beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy.
  • Promising a valuable book or document which the library has already agreed to accept.

There is no minimum amount required for membership. If you wish to join the Pennypacker Society, you only need to let the East Hampton Library know that you have made a provision in your estate plan to benefit the library.

We welcome inquiries about this growing group of library friends who are concerned with supporting the future of the East Hampton Library. In the course of considering the gift, you should consult your attorney or tax advisor. The library welcomes the opportunity to work with you to find the arrangements that best match the library’s need to your particular situation.

Download the Pennypacker Society brochure here.

For more information contact Dennis Fabiszak, Director at the East Hampton Library at (631)324-0222 ext. 7