Find an Item

There are four computers in the library that can help you find items in the library

In the Rattray Reference Room

In the Adult Fiction area

In the Adult Non-Fiction area

In the Children’s Room

or you can use the Web-based version of our catalog, shown below:

Simple Search
Use this to find items that have what you type located ANYWHERE in their descriptions.

Type in the item’s title. If you’re not having any luck in finding the item, consider typing in just the first word or two of the title.

Use this to see a list of all of the items in the library by a particular author. Type the last name of the author first, then a comma, then the first name of the author.

You can also fine-tune your search further using the Advanced Search. Here, you can narrow your search down by:

  • Type of item
  • The language the item is in
  • The year the item was published
  • The name of the publisher
  • The intended audience (adults or children)
  • Search our movie collection
  • Search our audio book collection
  • Search our music collection
  • Search our Large Print collection

Once you have typed in what you’re looking for, you will see something like this:

Click on the title of the item you are looking for, and then you’ll see something like this:


What if the item I want is checked out?

You can request that we reserve it for you.

What if I can’t find the item I’m looking for?

The item may not be held in our library. To see if the item is available in another public library in Suffolk County, expand the scope of your search by changing it from “East Hampton Library” to “All Libraries” in the dropdown menu shown below:

If you find the item, we can interlibrary loan the item for you.

If the item you are looking for is not owned by a library in Suffolk County please speak to one of our librarians. We will consider purchasing the item and adding it to our collection.

Our Reference Librarians are happy to assist you in finding the materials you need; stop by the Reference Desk in the Rattray Room, give the Library a call at 631-324-0222 x. 3, or send us an e-mail at